1 USD 1.7000   1 EUR 1.9874   1 AED 0.4628   1 ARS 0.0624   1 AUD 1.2624   1 BRL 0.4415   1 BYN 0.8625   1 CAD 1.2932   1 CHF 1.6979   100 CLP 0.2612   1 CNY 0.2541   1 CZK 0.0768   1 DKK 0.2666   1 EGP 0.0950   1 GBP 2.2514   1 GEL 0.6936   1 HKD 0.2166   100 IDR 0.0118   1 ILS 0.4675   1 INR 0.0248   100 IRR 0.0039   100 JPY 1.5118   1 KGS 0.0249   100 KRW 0.1507   1 KWD 5.6140   1 KZT 0.0050   100 LBP 0.1129   1 MDL 0.1017   1 MXN 0.0900   1 MYR 0.4200   1 NOK 0.2098   1 NZD 1.1518   1 PLN 0.4610   1 RUB 0.0272   1 SAR 0.4533   1 SDR 2.3834   1 SEK 0.1915   1 SGD 1.2462   1 TJS 0.1805   1 TMT 0.4857   1 TRY 0.3502   1 TWD 0.0556   1 UAH 0.0648   100 UZS 0.0217   1 XAG 26.9402   1 XAU 2115.6841   1 XPD 1604.7150   1 XPT 1412.7000   1 ZAR 0.1282   
CBAR / Currencies designations



Rashad Jumshudov

Director of development department ICB «NIKOIL»
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Dilara Zamanova

Head of Corporate Communication Division «AtaHolding» OJSC
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Chimnaz Gasimova

HR Consultant, Coach, Trainer
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Expert of a labor market
Kseniya Trohimets

Marketing supervisor in the region of Central Asia and Transcaucasia, Jobs.Day.Az jointly with hh.ru
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Other news

WOWOMAN started women entrepreneurship program - “WoWenture”

Baku, Finance Time. Wowoman is a women empowerment platform. Our vision is to create space for women to express themselves, to develop personal and professional skills, to connect and grow together, to inspire and make them more self-confident, independent and able to set and follow big dreams.

Almost every weekend we organize free and paid trainings / seminars / master classes on different topics varying from Project Management, Marketing and Public Speaking to Meetings with Psychologist, Yoga, Beauty, cooking master classes. Wowoman activities include professional trainings/seminars/master classes, events for personal, spiritual and physical rest conducted by the leading specialists, management of online platform (www.wowoman.org) for self-expression and education of ladies. We have being successfully organized our special projects, such as "Tech-Tech Xanim”, “My WOWOMAN Book”, “#qorxmasaydim”.

The term startup refers to realizing innovative business ideas and essentially contributes to the progress of the economy. Certainly, most of us have business idea, but can’t follow this idea due to the lack of knowledge on how to create and manage startups.

Taking this into account, WOWOMAN has launched "WoWenture" Entrepreneurship Program for women. Under the slogan "Turn your idea into business" the program works to help women bring their desired business ideas into life. The program consists of 7 subsequent but independent modules, each of which is a set of essential skills required for starting and sustaining business. The modules include:

Module 1: How to become an entrepreneur? – “And still survive”

Module 2: To create business module and to plan business. – " Plans are worthless, but planning is invaluable "

Module 3: Marketing and Communication skills. “Becoming the Purple Cow”

Module 4: Finance of Startup. – “The most fun part - Money”

Module 5: Sales and CRM. – “No Sale - No Food”

Module 6: Juridical principles of Business. – “Boring for most, important for All!”

Module 7: Organization and management of team. “No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra"

As Gunel Huseynova, the Project Manager, claimed, the first Module "How to become an entrepreneur?" Is going to take place on 1st of May 2016 11:00 AM at Barama Innovations and Entrepreneurship Centre. Interested ladies can apply via the link: https://www.facebook.com/events/479267015594419/

During the program women will learn:

•       How to evaluate the potentiality of the business idea;

•       To create the best business model of the company;

•       To identify necessary investment, to calculate income, expense and profit;

•       To improve their business with the essential marketing tools;

•       To present the product or service in the market;

•       To manage all business processes by creating effective team management.

If you also dream to start your own business, create successful startup and learn the methods of innovative management, join the WoWenture Program. Stay tuned by subscribing to the news under following page: https://facebook.com/WOWOMAN-WoWenture


Diana Cazacu
Expert of consulting company "Advision Finance"

Jahangir Ganizadeh
Director of the Project Division of "AtaTechnology"

Damla Bayik
Sales & Marketing Director of "Aura Wellness Centre"

Mehmet Ayan
Food & Beverage Manager of "Green House"

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